( Mallorca )

Mother & Daughter

18 - 23 Jun

/ Deia, Mallorca

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An ( for women ) Invitation

A week-long immersive journey
( into Healing our Female Line )

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The Mother Daughter bond is precious and primal. It is the fire that fuels so many of our behaviours and beliefs.

This journey is for women who are looking to deepen their relationship with their femininity, to expand our focus beyond ourselves, and to recognize that we are beautiful culminations of our female ancestry. The work here is to honor and understand where we have come from.

Your mother doesn’t need to be present at the retreat. However, if you have the chance, it would be an incredible opportunity to embark on this mission together.

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( The ) Calling

  • For those of us that are able to bring our mother. Perhaps we’ve been on many retreats and wish we could share the joy, healing and expansion with our Mothers.

  • For those of us who are unable to bring our mother. Perhaps we wish to expand our relationship with our feminine. Perhaps it’s a desire to feel healing with your mother wherever she is.

  • For those of us that are calling in motherhood. Perhaps we feel a wish to prepare the souls soil and clear our wombs.

( The ) Experience

18 - 24 Jun

/ Son Rullan, Mallorca

In June we will gather in the magical 14th-century monastery, Son Rullan, overlooking the mountains and sea of Deia, Mallorca.

They say within every family there is one person that shoulders the weight of change. Many of us within La Luna hold this role. This retreat is for all of us.  Together we will dive into our family trees, speak the untold stories, release ourselves from the past, and honor, clear, and celebrate these sacred bonds.  By doing this work, we free ourselves and each other. 

We will move our bodies, be in nature, eat delicious food, we will laugh, we will love, we will cry, and enjoy this precious time together.  

You are welcome to come alone or bring your mother, daughter or sister.  Regardless, you will bring all the love and support of your ancestors as we embark on this journey to profound healing.

( What You ) Will Learn

NO. O1

( Earth - Ground & Centre )

We will explore the practices of grounding, and the roots of our feminine lineage.

  • Morning Sadhana
  • Tea Meditation
  • Nervous-systemTherapy
  • Feminine Ancestry Practice
NO. O2

( Water - Our Womb & Inner Child )

We will explore our Inner Children together, and heal what needs making whole.

  • Family Constellation Exercises
  • Breathwork
  • Forgiveness Ritual
NO. O3

(Fire - Our Truth and Individuality)

Letting go of old expectations and belief-systems. Honoring the women that we are today.

  • Cord Cutting Ritual
  • Dance & Embodiment
  • Channeling Theater
NO. O4

( Air - Celebration )

On this day we will celebrate each other, our courage, our truth, our love and dance into the Summer Solstice.

  • Morning Sadhana
  • Ancient Yarn Dying
  • Solstice Celebration
  • Rebirth Ritual

M&D ( What is included in the package ) Package

La Luna Package

Five night and six days at the incredible 14th century Monastery, Son Rullan, nestled into the mallorcan mountains of Deia.

Daily farm to table meals and snacks and drinks lovingly prepared by our expert chef to support your body and mind at specific stages of the retreat. Our plant based menu is created from local and seasonal produce.

A fully curated schedule of workshops and teachings, ceremonies and rituals delivered by leading experts with space for rest, connection and self initiated activities.

Opportunity for 1:1 support and conversations with guest teachers who are always available throughout the week to guide you.

A La Luna curated welcome gift bag with our special journal, and surprises.

Optional Extras: Body work and Healing sessions

See SCHEDULE here.

La Luna Package starting price: 2,900 Euro per person (all inclusive except transport/flights)

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( Meet our ) Teachers


( Miriam )

Miriam is a facilitator of women's work, breathwork, sexual empowerment and relational intimacy. She has extensive training and experience in breathwork, somatic embodiment, trauma therapy, kundalini yoga, psychology and constellation work. Her mission is to create safe spaces for transformation while supporting people in moving through their fears and reconnecting with the truth of their hearts, in order to flourish their intimate relationship with self and others. My Inspiration is to serve love, to serve beauty and human transformation.

Tanya Kazeminy

( Tanya Kazeminy )

Tanya is a global teacher, coach, writer, and mother. Her work focuses on healing our sexual belief systems and the importance of self love in all its forms. Her teachings are warm, potent and relatable. She is an impactful storyteller with two decades of expertise in conveying difficult philosophical concepts simply. A grounded and expansive experience awaits each time she shares.

Sara Nory

( Sara Nory )

Sara is a talented artist whose body of work revolves around the captivating intersection of creative freedom. With a global reach, Sara shares her art internationally, showcasing her expertise in NLK (Non-Linear Kundalini). This unique somatic method approach, created by Sara herself, combines breathwork, movement, hypnotherapy, sound, and meditation to offer a transformative experience.

Alessandra Mariotti

( Alessandra Mariotti )

Alessandra is a Michelin Star and Le Cordon Bleu trained chef that focuses on holistic dining. She is currently based between Tuscany and Mallorca where she offers healthy culinary services and recipe development. As a holistic chef, Alessandra believes that what you put into your body is essential in caring for your physical and mental health and ultimately living a happy, balanced life.

( Welcome to the magic of  )


18 - 23 Jun

Deia, Mallorca

Hotel Son Rullan dels Pinces is a romantic 14th-century farm, nestled within the Hills of Deia, Mallorca. With stunning Sea views, and 800 ancestral Olive Trees, each corner breathes beauty, love and ancientness.

/ Airport - Palma de Mallorca

/ Starting at 2.900€


( <i>Balcony Room</i> )

( Balcony Room )

Elegant room with fireplace & a romantic window overlooking the terrace.
King size bed.

3,300 Euro / person

( <i>Chapel Room</i> )

( Chapel Room )

Terrace with mountain views, fireplace & double bed. Shared Bathroom.

3,300 Euro / person

( <i>Double Room</i> )

( Double Room )

Spacious Room with two double Beds, mountain & sea view. Shared Bathroom.

2,900 Euro / person (Triple Occupancy I Mother with 2 Daughters)

( <i>White Room</i> )

( White Room )

Double & single bed, & a fairytale window overlooking the entrance of the house. Shared bathroom.

3,100 Euro / person (Double Occupancy I Mother with one Daughter)

( <i>Kids Room & Bathroom</i> )

( Kids Room & Bathroom )

Two single beds with ensuite bathroom.

2,900 Euro / person (Double Occupancy I Mother with one Daughter)

( <i>Master suite & Bathroom</i> )

( Master suite & Bathroom )

Private bathroom & living room that connects to a terrace. King size bed + the possibility to add a sofa bed (in case you’d like to come with 2 daughters)

4,200 Euro/ person (double occupancy I Mother with one Daughter)

( <i>Top Room & Bathroom</i> )

( Top Room & Bathroom )

Best view in the house + king size bed.

3,500 Euro/ person (double occupancy I Mother with one Daughter)

( <i>Tiger Room & Bathroom</i> )

( Tiger Room & Bathroom )

Most fun room with 3 single beds.

2,900 Euro / person (triple occupancy I one mother and two daughters)

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Is it mandatory to come with my mother, or could I come by myself?

It is not mandatory to come with your mother, or your Daughter. Your Ancestors will be cheering for you no matter what. Yet it is a beautiful opportunity to dive into your feminine line, and to liberate together.

What if my mother has never done any of this work before?

That is absolutely perfect, there is no experience necessary. We will tailor our program so it will meet each woman exactly where she is at.

What is the signup process?

If you have further questions please email:

If you are feeling ready to take the step to apply for joining this journey please fill in our application form and pay an application fee of $98. (The application fee is not refundable.)

The fee holds your space and covers a private interview and intention setting call with Miriam, we want to make sure our space is the right space for you and to prepare you for the retreat and for you to be able to ask any further questions.

Once you are confirmed, we will follow up with the full invoice package, all logistical details and our suggested packing list. We ask you to pay your invoice within 24-hours as we usually have a lot of demand but only limited spaces.

Link to terms and conditions: https://www.lalunafamily.com/legal/terms-conditions-retreats
Contact – [email protected]

( What ) People Say

  • Jessica

    This week changed my life.

    “This week changed my life. I was reconnected back to myself after disconnecting without even realizing to what extent. I entered feeling dull and uninspired by myself and certain areas in my life. We pushed ourselves deeply to connect with our truth and unravel the stories that we tell ourselves.

    My experience was one of depth and connection with myself and the beautiful inspiring women I was surrounded and supported by. I had the deepest internal shift and can now see and appreciate the subtleties and simplicity that I have been graced with in my life.

    I learned discipline and structure to maintain a healthy mind. I learned the power of women and myself as well as the power of slowing down and listening. This week was pure magic -- a reminder of how to live my life deeply and fully.”

  • Joana

    I found pieces of myself

    “I found pieces of myself in the life stories of courageous women either through tears, words, or laughter. During the week-long journey, many emotional layers of sadness, grief and shame were shed in order to heal. Together we meditated, reflected, learned tools to forgive, to express ourselves, to create and recreate. To transform and blossom.”

  • Claudia

    The way of the heart

    “La Luna provided me with an incredible opportunity to reconnect with my heart and tap into the most gentle, playful, feminine, nurturing, and beautiful aspects of myself. The space offered me a sanctuary to breathe deeply and rediscover my true essence. Every moment of the week felt like pure magic and authenticity. I found myself expressing my true nature through dance and song in a humble yet empowering way. I reclaimed my voice and wings! Thank you so much for this transformative experience at La Luna."

  • Sara

    A safe space, a loving community of women

    “While I've been on the path of spiritually oriented self growth for years now, I found that I had hit a wall. The idea of putting continued effort toward healing exhausted me and I felt that I had nowhere to turn. In that down moment, the universe sent La Luna to me and it was exactly what I needed: a safe space, a loving community of women, and a fresh vantage point. This journey reminded me that despite the pain of the past, the obstacles of the present, and the uncertainty of the future - it is all perfect, we are all perfect. I cried in the arms of my sisters, I danced with abandon, I reconnected with mother earth, I sang from my belly, I released old traumas, I swam naked every morning, I made lifelong friends, and I left the most grateful, complete, and inspired that I have ever felt. “