( Ibiza )

Love Edition

30 May - 4 Jun

/ Unio, Cala Carbo

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Devoted ( a gathering ) To Love

A week-long immersive journey
( into Conscious Relating )

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We are gathering to celebrate love, the play between masculine and feminine. This is a special invitation to all you love warriors:

To explore your energetics, deepen polarity, harness vitality, experiment with different tools to increase your sensual awareness, gain understanding of how to work through triggers and conflicts, dance, shake, touch, laugh, share stories, gaze at the stars, and set the foundations for healthy relationships.
Whether you are single and want to build the base to call in a healthy partnership, or you are a couple and are longing for tools to deepen your connection.

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( The ) Calling

  • Men and Women have managed to disempower each other for centuries. So many of our woundings have been unconsciously inflicted by the other sex.

  • If we want to create a more loving future, we have to start within the nucleus of relationships, within our homes, within our families.

  • To heal together creates a healthy sense of togetherness in a way that misery and brokenness can not. It is by bridging the understanding between the masculine and the feminine, that we can rise.

  • Let’s explore a new paradigm of relating together: One based on mutual devotion, radical honesty, and commitment to growth.


( The ) Experience

30 May - 4 Jun

/ Unio, Cala Carbo

“Love is the Bridge between you and everything.” – Rumi

We will gather in front of the mystical and legendary rock Es Vedra in Ibiza, to explore the dance between masculine and feminine, and deepen our capacity for intimacy and pleasure.

Together we will create a safe container, where we are able to express our fears and insecurities, and liberate deep buried beliefs. To melt the barriers around our hearts and reestablish trust.

A combination of somatic embodiment practices and rituals will guide us out of the mind and into the body, from thinking to feeling, from distraction to presence, from disconnection into connection.

A deep and joyous journey into the realm of your heart.

( What You ) Will Learn

NO. O1

( Women )

Dive into feminine embodiment.

  • Feeling and expressing through the body
  • Get to know the anatomy of feminine arousal
  • Energetic womb clearing
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Breast & Heart activation
  • Understanding the nature of the masculine
NO. O2

( Men )

Deepen their understanding of masculine presence.

  • Breathing techniques to increase and circulate sexual energy
  • Practices to open emotional body and cultivate sensitivity
  • Practices to harness resilience
  • Tools for centering in presence
  • Understanding the nature of the feminine
NO. O3

( Balancing Polarity )

Many of us have lost touch with the roots of our healthy feminine and masculine expression.

We will divide the groups for the first day:

  • For women to deepen their healthy feminine expression.
  • For men to deepen their understanding of masculine presence.
  • To then merge in greater understanding and love.
NO. O4

( Art of Relating )

Reunite with greater awareness and understanding for ourselves and each other.

  • Devotional Ritual
  • Healthy Tools of Communication
  • Family Constellation Work
  • Inner Child Healing
NO. O5

( Sacred Sexuality )

Sexual Energy is the most primal life force of a human being, it is also the place where we carry a lot of our conditioning, trauma, shame & insecurities.

  • Breathing techniques to activate and move sexual energy
  • Polarity Work
  • Tantric Practices

La Luna ( What's included ) Package

Five nights and six days at the wondrous Location Unio right in front of Es Vedra in Ibiza.

Daily farm to table meals, snacks & drinks lovingly prepared by our expert chef to support your body & mind at specific stages of the
retreat. Plant based menu created from local & seasonal produce.

1:1 support & conversations with teachers available throughout the week to guide you.

La Luna curated welcome gift bag with our journal & surprises.

A fully curated schedule of workshops & teachings, ceremonies & rituals delivered by leading experts with space for rest, connection and self initiated activities. Download schedule here.

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( Meet our ) Teachers


( Miriam )

Miriam is a facilitator of women's work, breathwork, sexual empowerment and relational intimacy. She has extensive training and experience in breathwork, somatic embodiment, trauma therapy, kundalini yoga, psychology and constellation work. Her mission is to create safe spaces for transformation while supporting people in moving through their fears and reconnecting with the truth of their hearts, in order to flourish their intimate relationship with self and others. My Inspiration is to serve love, to serve beauty and human transformation.

Nic Warner

( Nic Warner )

Nic is a transformative coach and facilitator specialising in men's work, rites of passage, relationships, intimacy, and plant medicine. Following the breakdown of his marriage, he embarked on a 3.5-year journey of healing and self-discovery. During this time, he explored various transformative modalities, including tantra, neo-tantra, plant medicine, breath work, meditation, traditional indigenous initiation and men's work. These experiences led him to recognise the importance of addressing the wounded masculine in society.

Bibi Brzozka

( Bibi Brzozka )

Bibi is VITA certified Love, Sex and Relationship coach, certified Erotic Blueprint coach, holistic sexuality international speaker and energetic lovemaking guide. She has presented her trailblazing, disruptive approach to sexuality throughout the world; including events like Mindvalley Summit and A-Fest, Summit LA, YPO and EO forums, and publications like Vogue, Elle Magazine, Marie Claire and Conde Nast. Her heart-opening and taboo-crushing courses create spaces for conversation and plant seeds for exploration of conscious sexuality.


( Beatrice )

Beatriz is a white witch and bodywork magician— there is no other way to describe her. The way she pulls trauma, and blocked emotions out of the body, is something we have not experienced before. We are in deep admiration of her service and her being.

Harley Maya

( Harley Maya )

Maya is a gifted facilitator and dancer who specializes in sensual movement and dance with multicultural influence. With a deep connection to her body and a passion for self-expression, Maya guides women on a transformative journey through movement. Drawing inspiration from various dance traditions, Maya infuses her unique style with elements of sensuality, grace, and strength. Her dance workshops and classes are designed to create a safe and empowering space for women to explore their bodies.

( Welcome to the magic of )


30 May - 4 Jun

/ Unio, Cala Carbo

A rare opportunity for us to gather right in front of the mystical rock Es Vedra, which is known to be one of the strongest energetic portals on this planet. We will take over the Hotel Unio, nestled in Cala Carbo, surrounded by pine forest and the mediterranean sea.

Travel to / Airport Ibiza

/ Starting at 2.900€


( <i>Sea View Suite for Couples</i> )

( Sea View Suite for Couples )


3,300€ / PER PERSON

( <i>Tower Rooms for Couples</i> )

( Tower Rooms for Couples )


3,300€ / PER PERSON

( <i>Private Room for Couples</i> )

( Private Room for Couples )


2,900€ / PER PERSON

( <i>Private Room for Singles</i> )

( Private Room for Singles )


3,700€ / PER PERSON

( <i>Shared Room for Singles</i> )

( Shared Room for Singles )


2900€ / PER PERSON

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Is this retreat only for couples?

This retreat is not only for couples, but open for anybody who wants to learn more about their bodies, how to harness healthy sexual energy, and how to set the foundation for healthy partnership.

There will be partner exercises to deepen understanding and learning of practical tools, but none of them will involve nudity or contact to genitals.

Being single is an opportunity to learn tools to consciously set the right foundation for any future relationship.

What makes this retreat different?

The Vibe. The Music. The Humans. The Joy.

Our cutting edge approach of mixing cognitive processes with the limbic and primal brain – allowing you to process emotions through your body and not get stuck in your stories but rather release resentments and negative belief-systems somatically.

It is important to us to share the tools of relating and sexuality with absolute elegance and beauty.

Sexuality is such a delicate topic, and we are creating a container around it that feels safe, approachable and down to earth.

Im worried it may be too much for me?

La Luna love isn’t about sexual contact.

There is no nudity during the practices. It is about learning how the body and it’s masculine and feminine polarities work.

It’s about learning how to communicate verbally and physically through the body. How to give and receive pleasure but with no physical, sexual experimentation. The practices are down to earth and playful.

We are offering a practical, safe container for practicing and exploring intimacy in relation to yourself and others.

Alongside men and women with the same challenges and vulnerabilities. The same desire to transform.

What is the signup process?

If you have further questions please email: [email protected]

If you are feeling ready to take the step to apply for joining this journey please fill in our application form and pay an application fee of $98. (The application fee is not refundable.)

The fee holds your space and covers a private interview and intention setting call with Miriam, we want to make sure our space is the right space for you and to prepare you for the retreat and for you to be able to ask any further questions.

Once you are confirmed, we will follow up with the full invoice package, all logistical details and our suggested packing list. We ask you to pay your invoice within 24-hours as we usually have a lot of demand but only limited spaces.

Link to terms and conditions: https://www.lalunafamily.com/legal/terms-conditions-retreats

( What ) People Say

  • Andrea

    ( From almost breaking up to choosing a new Beginning together )

    “I came to this experience open to receive but without any ideas of what it could bring…
    My relationship felt like it was ending; and I was preparing myself for this change...

    But this week showed me what it means to really show up for myself AND my partner.
    It gave me tools of embodiment from where l can face life from a much more grounded and empowered place.
    I saw places of my own self that had stayed hidden, wounds I needed to hold in my hands lovingly and then release... These 5 days were powerful, uplifting, fun as fuck! And gave us the strength to keep walking forward… “

  • Maria

    ( Being able to use conflicts as opportunities )

    “On this Journey I have watched my own relationship with myself transform and be able to foster a new depth of intimacy with my partner.
    This doesn’t mean all is rosy all the time between us, it means that we have the tools to use conflicts as opportunities and practices to explore the energetics of our bodies.

    It has been an absolute pleasure to grow together.”

  • Sebastian

    ( I finally was able to open up and be vulnerable )

    “TRANSFORMATIONAL - that's the single word I’d like to describe my time with La Luna. As men we are often struggling to resource ourselves, when it comes to many matters of deep emotional work, love and intimacy.

    I did work I never realized I was capable of, opened up fully to talk, cry, hurt, feel, laugh and sweat. All thanks to an amazing tribe of new friends and peers.

    There are many lessons and shifts to integrate; to become the man I aspire to be.”

  • Michelle

    ( This week gave me an opportunity to face my fears )

    “Witnessing the shift in my energy and vibration over the past week is remarkable. I was feeling so unsettled and out of my body prior to coming. I was stuck in an anxious, fear vibration. I have been holding onto so much - so much pressure, sadness, and even bitterness- not all of it mine.
    I feel I have everything inside of me to continue shifting these stored traumas. This week was a supercharged version of that.

    I know now that the most freedom lies beyond fear. l’ve had so many opportunities to face my fears this week - expressing my voice, being seen, Temazcal, ice bath, and the frog-drops. Overcoming the resistance has been incredibly empowering.”

  • Natasha

    ( Absolutely liberating! )

    “Wow, what a week!! I’m overwhelmed with emotions and insights and post event sensations.
    It was an honor to surrender to your creativity and vibe these days. I felt in a beautiful flow, and I am so grateful for all the love and beauty you shared with us.
    It's been deep, sensual, unexpected, delicious, frightening, intimate, transformative, liberating - all of it!”

( Past Edition Love ) Experiences