( To find balance in being. )

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create sacred spaces to awaken and balance feminine and masculine. Always deeply respecting individual journeys of transformation, sharing practices and holding space for your innate wisdom to arise and all your relationships to flourish.

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8 – 13 OCT
/ Ibiza
/ Mallorca
Mother & Daughter

( Our ) Invitation

Can you give yourself permission to take a moment for yourself, to soften into our spaces, to let yourself be held, slow down, and process life in order to lead life from a clear place?

Can you learn to create a loving union within yourself? Explore your feminine and masculine to find the beauty in them both. Love yourself into wholeness so you can enter relationships with grace?

Can you find trust in the group? Be open to healing connections with women and men, learn to communicate truthfully, listen wholeheartedly, and be part of an expansive community?  

Can you sit with pain, move through what’s uncomfortable, meet your fears and face your resistance as the greatest act of self-love and liberation? 

Can you take a moment to honor yourself to be the one to break generational patterns, for wanting to make a difference in this world, and for finding ways to share more love?

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About Us

( La Luna )

La Luna creates transformational journeys rooted in experiential knowledge, ancient practice, and feminine  wisdom that exists within us all so that we may live authentically, rest confidently in our truth, and discover deeper layers of our being.

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( retreats )

We have different retreats throughout the year. Each retreat is grounded in the La Luna principles of nature, meeting the core of who we are, honoring that truth, and being able to authentically share it.

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( family )

We collaborate to create a balance in our offering so you have the opportunity to find the balance in yourself. From embodiment practices, to group constellation processes, to breathwork, to tantric practices and more.

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